woensdag 6 februari 2013

Lowlands 2013

Last saturday (2-2-'13) was the time of the year again, I had to buy tickets to Lowlands Festival again. So I anxiously sat in front of my computer and waited... And waited... When the ticket sale began, there was a waiting line to get on the site. After 30 minutes of waiting I finally got through and was able to purchase tickets for me and my bf! I am so excited, this is going to be my fourth year in a row.
And I am so glad that disclosure is coming, because I am addicted to 'Latch'.

vrijdag 30 december 2011


I'm very sorry for not posting for a long time! I will make it up to you, i promise ;)
But i am very sorry to announce that i will have to make you jealous again, this time by telling you that i got tickets to see skrillex on the 28th of april!
His music is okay, but his show is AWESOME and i am really excited already!

So, therefore, his new single: Bangarang

vrijdag 2 december 2011


Yeah guys i have got tickets to see Kasabian!
Even though it's 3 march, i am already super excited! I love love love Kasabian!

So to make you all jealous:

Me is happy ;D

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

I'm Not A Vampire

On october 24th, Falling in Reverse released a new music video for the song 'I'm Not A Vampire'.
I was super excited because this is one of my favourite songs of their debut album. And i love the video now too! The video takes place in rehab, which has got to do with Ronnie's drug addiction. In the beginning it also says 'Reality Rehab' in the video, which has got to do with Ronnie's comeback. It's all so surreal, he left Escape The Fate, went to prison and came back stronger than ever. They need a reality check sometimes.
Enough said, enjoy this amazing video!

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011


I just wanted to make a long random post. I think it's called: 'avoiding the studying i should actually be doing for my exam week.'
Anyway, there is going to be a new Wolfmother album on November 7th. Excited! It will be the first album with their new drummer.

I am listening to this at the moment:

Love this song so much! I just adore DeWolff! Seen them live 2 weeks ago and again it was G-R-E-A-T! The boys are so young, yet they have such a mature sound. They don't even have a bass player and they don't need it, they rock! Plus they are really cute, that's just a nice extra ;)

Cool news! Dave Grohl is replacing the drummer for Cage The Elephant for a certain time, because he is sick or something. It's so cool to see Dave Grohl play the drums again. Just like he does in Them Crooked Vultures.  I think i like him better as a drummer than as a singer (he is a good singer though, he is just a brilliant drummer).

I am very annoyed by the fact that Kink FM is off the radio... I want Kink FM back!!! Or at least give us a radio station that plays good alternative music.

Well i think i've bored you enough, so now i really have to start studying byexxxxxxxxxx

maandag 17 oktober 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers was yesterday and it was A-MA-ZING!!! I still can't believe i've actually seen them live. Damn, it was so great. Funny is that i have exam week this week and today i had maths and dutch but i really don't give a %&$( if i fail, RHCP is so worth it! Wow. I don't have enough words.
Flea is just a brilliant bass player, anthony is just as good live as on CD, Josh is the best possible replacement they could've found for John and Chad is so energetic.

So for you, this song. It's been stuck in my head since the concert and damn i want to go back and re-do yesterday!

woensdag 28 september 2011


There is this Australian-Belgian Singer-songwriter (that's a mouth ful) who is starting to break through in the music scene. More the poppy music scene though, which i normally don't like, but his music is beautiful!
His real name is Wouter de Backer. Gotye is a name his mother gave him when he was little.
The song i wanted to show you, called Somebody That I Used To Know featuring Kimbra, is a big hit in The Netherlands. It's just beautiful.